Joe Watson and Jim Gundlach

Go Big co-founders Joe Watson and Jim Gundlach

Principals Joe Watson and Jim Gundlach founded Go Big Creative lab to help clients create compelling brands in virtual and physical environments. Our typical clients are small to medium sized businesses that are poised for growth and ready to tackle  the strategy and implementation issues involving their branding and positioning.

Joe Watson

Joe is a brand guru that has been described by various clients as a “quadruple threat” for his ability to think, write, design and execute. He is adept at helping clients cut through the clutter and hone in on their unique brand story. He is at his best in a room full of people with a marker in his hand and a white board at his disposal.

Jim Gundlach

Jim is a wizard at concepting and crafting in 3-dimensions. His specialty is turning flat goods into remarkable objects, and his passion is creating installations and environments that stop people in their tracks. He is happiest when dust is flying in the shop and Sketchup is moving as fast as his brain.

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