the american unity project liberty for all

Liberty for All – The American Unity Project

the american unity project - liberty for all

The American unity project was created with one word in mind —liberty. This state of being free was a founding principle of America. Throughout our history, from the abolition of slavery through womens’ suffrage to the civil rights movement and beyond, we have worked to move this country forward in providing LIBERTY FOR ALL.

Our country is in need of unity now more than ever. A healthy dialogue and fundamental respect for each other’s liberty has been replaced by virtual shouting matches on social media. People find themselves at odds with lifelong friends, each horrified at the other’s belief system. Political discourse has devolved into sound bites and twitter snippets.

The goal of this project is to bring people together, literally and figuratively. To give individuals a voice, regardless of political affiliation or belief system. To show that tolerance and diversity is not only accepted, but celebrated. And to demonstrate that despite our differences, we still hold true to the notion that liberty has always been meant for all people.

the american unity project - liberty for all

The concept behind LIBERTY FOR ALL is this: Give people the opportunity and medium for their individual voices to be heard, while doing so in the context of a large scale installation that demonstrates collective unity.

LIBERTY FOR ALL consists of large panels comprised of individual banners. Each participant uploads their photo, and optionally records a brief audio message to be included. Panels are then assembled into a large scale, interactive exhibit.

the american unity project liberty for all


Social used to mean going out and being with people. It typically revolved around an event, and folks would look forward to attending and having friendly conversation. The word social now typically refers to social media — a place where friendly conversation is too often in short supply.

LIBERTY FOR ALL aims to bring back the social part of social media, while also allowing people to interact in both the virtual and physical world. Submissions will automatically be posted online and through the mobile app. People will have the ability to share and like messages that are especially powerful.

the american unity project liberty for all

Photos will be graphically modified to create a consistent look for each panel. This is not meant to homogenize our individual differences, but instead to demonstrate that despite these differences we are collectively united.

The exhibit is modular and easily assembled and reassembled. It will grow organically as more people participate.


Every human voice is different. Just like our fingerprints, they identify us, but unlike fingerprints, our voice tells a story. It can be loud or soft, subtle or passionate. Speaking your own words in your own voice is a simple, powerful act —and one that sometimes gets lost in today’s virtual society.

LIBERTY FOR ALL gives each particpant a chance for their voice to be heard. Incorporated into each banner is an NFC (near field communication) chip that allows for “tap and play” interaction with mobile devices.

LIBERTY FOR ALL is meant to be experienced and shared. People can engage with this movable, interactive art exhibit it as it expands and grows through various locations around the country.

Liberty at Night

We all shine brightest as a united country, and LIBERTY FOR ALL showcases that even after the sun goes down. Solar LED lights make sure that liberty’s flame is never extinguished, while reflective strips on each panel create a shimmering display of vibrance and light.