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Brand Development: Solel Coaching and Consulting

Kyla Schneider is a world-class coach and leadership and management consultant. When she was ready to launch her company, Solel Coaching and Consulting, she turned to Go Big to help develop the brand messaging and visual components.

Foundational Brand Elements

We first sought to understand what makes Solel unique. Together we crafted language and identified core tenets that would serve as the foundational blocks for the brand.

solel brand tenets

Kyla is an amateur photographer, and many of her photos are relevant to brand messaging. The decision was made to use these photos as design elements on the web site and in other materials.

Logomark, Logo, and Typography

After the initial rounds of logo concepts, a direction began to take shape. The logomark is indicative of open pathways and shared wisdom. It also represents the Solel philosophy that the journey is as important and meaningful as the destination.

solel logo mark

Didot was chosen as the brand font. This Didone face with contrast between thick and thin strokes and crisp serifs lends an elegance and professionalism to the brand, while still remaining warm and accessible.

solel logo

Color Pallet

Because coaching is such a personal dynamic, colors for the Solel brand were drawn from both Kyla’s photography work and her own daily  environment. The earth tones and sea greens in the pallet represent calm in the search for stability, while the imperial violet hue represents empowerment and purposeful action.

solel colors


Web Site

The web site was designed with the foundational brand elements that had been created. Developed on the WordPress framework, the site is fully responsive for viewing on mobile devices.

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